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Grieving a lost love is hard. You have to teach your heart to forget things that are unforgettable. Learn to quiet your chaotic mind, that spites you by displaying heart wrenching memories you have down by heart Memories that used to be your favorite to daydream about, you now have to try and blind your racing mind from running back to. What you’ve relied on most for comfort, is gone. The solution to this heartbreak, isn’t an option, so you have to sit and wait. Suck it up, when you don’t have the effort or drive needed to stay strong. You gave all the effort you had into them. You have to teach your soul to deal with, and repair the half that’s broken and dead now. The half you gave away so willingly. You worked so hard, learning this person. Compromising where you needed, and learning to work with this person through tough times. Learning them entirely, you memorized and fell in love with every aspect, including their flaws. You both slowly became one. Artists, you built a love so beautiful. So reliable and strong, it once made you feel safe to be sewn in so tight. But its wounded you. You have to bandage your spirit, because it ripped when they walked out of your life effortlessly. Force yourself to get up and try and remember how to enjoy the things you used to love doing. Motivate yourself from the insomniac\dead to the world coma sleep cycle youve grown accustomed to. And top all of that off, as if things weren’t already tough, you have to try to forget their touch, and ignore the god awful ache to feel their embrace just one more time. You have to shake away the memory of those brilliant tingles they traced onto your lonely skin. You have to numb yourself, and try and forget. Forget it all, even when every part of you whispers reminder that you belong to them. Everything you, everything them. How do you create yourself a brand new soul?

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